The Sonoma Valley Groundwater Sustainability Agency (GSA) is currently funded by contributions from member agencies. This funding will continue through the development of the Groundwater Sustainability Plan, and will end on June 30, 2022,  at which point it is anticipated that the GSAs will become self-funded.


The GSA Board of Directors must adopt its fiscal year budget 60 days before the end of the preceding fiscal year. The GSA maintains strict accountability of all funds and reports all receipts and disbursements on a bi-monthly basis. A certified public accountant audits the GSA annually.

Fiscal year 2020-21 Budget 

Fiscal year 2019-20 Budget 

Fiscal year 2018-19 Budget 

Fiscal year 2017-18 Budget 

Rate and Fee Study

As described above, the GSA is currently funded by its member agencies. However, in 2017, the GSA initiated a rate and fee study to explore other funding options.  After receiving community input and initial feedback from the rate and fee consultants, the Board opted to complete the rate and fee study but to continue funding the GSA with member agency contributions through June 2022.

The Rate and Fee Study