Member Agencies

Under SGMA, Groundwater Sustainability Agencies (GSAs) are entities formed by local government agencies with land use authority or water supply or water management responsibilities. The Sonoma Valley GSA was created in 2017 when the participating agencies, listed below, entered into a Joint Exercise of Powers Agreement (JPA). The JPA spells out GSA Board membership, initial funding, voting and other governance issues. The GSA Board of Directors includes one representative from each member agency. Each member agency also has a representative on the Advisory Committee.

County of Sonoma

The County of Sonoma provide a full range of services to our community; the County plays a dual role to residents, providing municipal services such as law enforcement and fire protection to unincorporated areas and providing the day-to-day operation of state and federally mandated programs.

North Bay Water District

The North Bay Water District was established in 1963 by special public election with an intent to bring in irrigation water. The District covers 42.5 square miles (27,200 acres) of agricultural and public lands that extend from the Marin-Sonoma county line to the Sonoma-Napa county line along the shore of San Pablo Bay. When SGMA was enacted, Sonoma County Farm Bureau strongly backed the District to participate in the new GSAs as the voice of agriculture. The District’s current five-member board represents grape-growing, dairy, hay farming, and grazing in the area.

Sonoma Resource Conservation District

The Sonoma Resource Conservation District works to empower and partner with landowners and the community to address Sonoma County’s most pressing natural resource concerns. The RCD is organized to support natural resource management solutions through partnerships with individuals, organizations and agencies.

City of Sonoma

The City of Sonoma has a rich cultural heritage, a prominent place in California history, and a setting of unparalleled natural beauty.  Home to more than 11,000 residents, Sonoma serves as the economic hub for the rural Sonoma Valley, with a total population of 40,000.

Sonoma Water

Sonoma Water  manages Sonoma County’s water resources. The water agency provides an array of services including, but not limited to, naturally filtered drinking water, flood protection services, distribution of recycled water, recreational opportunities, and wastewater treatment.

Valley of the Moon Water District

The Valley of the Moon Water District was formed in 1960 to provide a dependable supply of potable water in the Valley of the Moon.  VOMWD’s service area extends from the Trinity Oaks Subdivision, north of the town of Glen Ellen, to the Temelec Subdivision, at the southern end of the Sonoma Valley.  The District provides water to approximately 23,000 people.